Reach Millions of Millennial & Generation Z Beauty Buyers




Reach Millions of Millennial & Generation Z Beauty Buyers




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Reach A Coveted Female Audience

Our ready-to-activate global audience is purely focused on the content, with a clear interest in beauty, fashion, and entertainment.

Enable Compelling Native Content

Design authentic looks and custom messaging in a completely immersive, branded experience from start to finish.

Generate Massive Engagement & Conversation

With our comprehensive data monitoring, watch your engagement levels grow and witness your branded assets shared across social sites everywhere.

Grow Your Brand by Connecting with the Audience on the #1 Beauty Platform

Reach Affluent Millennial Beauty Lovers

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Millennial / Gen Z Beauty Lovers

Walk into any Sephora around the world and you will find it filled with 17-34 year old women ready to invest in the hottest new products. Browse through Instagram and you will see photo after photo of beauty influencers capturing thousands of likes in minutes. Millennial women are currently the heaviest buyers in the beauty market, and as their disposable income increases, so will their shopping power.

Tech-Savvy Shoppers

Millennial beauty shoppers are incredibly tech savvy. As they bounce between stores, computers, and mobile devices, brands need to find new and exciting ways to bring the personalized experience of physical stores into the digital world. With the use of augmented reality, brands are able to offer a new experience to savvy shoppers and draw them into their brand.

Entertainment Lovers

They don’t just want to see the latest movies and TV shows, they want to try on the looks of the characters too. Entertainment lovers these days are looking for deeper engagement with the entertainment providers they know and love. Through AR, entertainment brands can provide interactive content and allow users to engage more deeply with their favorite shows and characters.

Women between 18-34 years old currently make up 65% of Perfect365’s users base.

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We‘ll help you choose the advertising style that is the best fit
to help you reach your marketing goals.

We‘ll help you choose the advertising style that is the best fit
to help you reach your marketing goals.

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Users can try on a variety of pre-set makeup styles from our brand partners, ranging from classic to trendy, or have fun creating their own look using brand makeup products virtually. Perfect365 has become the go-to app for makeup and selfie enthusiasts around the world. Just ask the Kardashian clan.

Marketing on Perfect365 helps you engage directly with a community of millions of makeup enthusiasts who are actively seeking to try out new beauty looks. Let the next product they apply be yours!

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Now Women Everywhere Can Try-On Hair Styles with HOT TOOLS Appliances Using Augmented Reality

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Our Advertising Partners Results Speak for Themselves

We helped ipsy create a customized hotstyle that was designed by one of their artists with the goal of driving traffic to their website. The results of these efforts helped them garner a 15% CTR to their website proving value in helping them gain new customers through the Perfect365 platform.

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